Tennessee Water Trails



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Tennessee Water Trails

Here is you chance to enjoy the beauty and the serenity of being on a water trail in Tennessee. So grab your kayak, canoe or paddle boat and begin your adventure.

Please click the links below to find further information on Tennessee water trails.

This canoe club has been around since 1946, you can learn a lot from the web site. After you have looked around, get out and do it! Click here

This is some flat water, good family stuff or if you just want to go and not put to much effort into it.  Any time you are on the water is time well spent. Click here

This site will give you 12 more rivers to look into, they all look great, Looking is good, but doing it is better.. With places that you can rent that equipment you need before you go. Click here

The National Park Service has put together some water trails that you ought to look at. They do good job, with your money.

Tennessee Water Trails Maps

  Add more Water Trail Sites here


WATER TRAILS of Tennessee